Q: The new Promo Store will not let me place an order, only send an inquiry?

A:  The new Promo Store format will allow any user to send an inquiry (not place an order online).  All inquiries will receive a prompt reply to gather any additional information and an order will be placed next. 


Q:  What if I need to get an order going immediately? 

A:  Please send an inquiry to info@schsstore.com or call or text 541-408-7991.  You may use the Comment Box to convey any urgent requests or any special needs you may have and the best way to get in touch along with times available via phone, text, or email.  If you text, please indicate that you are a SCHS Caregiver.  


Q:  How do I specify the LOGO I want to use on my order?

A:  Please use the Comment Box to add a LOGO request.  You can view all available LOGOS in the top navigation tab.  If you do not see the logo you are looking for, please send an inquiry to info@schsstore.com. 


Q:  Why do I need to create a user profile?

A:  Creating a profile will help shorten the checkout time from the SCHS Promo Store.


Q:  I need help with ideas and product selection for my event?  Who do I call?

A:  You are welcome to contact the Promo Store Administrator for help with product questions and selection.  We are available to help brainstorm and provide ideas for any situation.  Please send an inquiry to info@schsstore.com or call or text 541-408-7991.  You can also contact the St. Charles Marketing Dept. for help. 


Q:  Is the price shown for all products on the Promo Store my actual cost?

A:  In most instances, the answer is NO.  St. Charles does receive special discounts that are not reflective of the published pricing on the Promo Store.  Once all the details of your needs are identified, you will receive a special price quote on all items you are inquiring about. 


Q:  If I order Ready In-Stock items, when will they be delivered to me? Is the published price shown what I will actually pay?

A:  Ready In-Stock items are delivered to St Charles Bend on Tuesday and Friday of each week.  All orders will be processed through Receiving and sent via internal delivery to the requisitioning department.  Please check with the Purchasing Dept for specific delivery schedules to offsite locations.  The price shown for all Ready-In-Stock items is the cost you will pay.  No shipping or additional charges will be incurred.


Q:  What if I need a Ready-In-Stock item the same day?

A:  Immediate delivery of Ready-In-Stock items may be requested and will incur a delivery fee. Please call 541-408-7991 for same day delivery of Ready-In-Stock merchandise.


Q:  When do I pay for my items off the Promo Store? Can I pay with a PO, Credit Card, cash, or check?

A:  You may use any of these payment methods to purchase items from the Promo Store.  Unfortunately, payroll deduction is not offered for personal items.  Once your order has been delivered, you will receive an invoice via email.  In the body of the email will be a secure link to pay via credit card, if that is the method chosen.  If a PO has been issued for the order, you do not need to do anything further.  If paying with cash or check, please let the Administrator know and arrangements can be made to provide payment. 


Q:  Do I need to have a PO before I place an inquiry? 

A:  No, you do not need a PO in advance of sending an inquiry.  If a PO is required for your order, it must be approved and provided before an order can be submitted for production and consequently delivered. 


Q:  What if the minimum order quantity is more than I need or I need a larger quantity than what is shown?

A:  You may send an inquiry to info@schsstore.com and request a special quote for the specific product quantity that fits your need.  The SCHS Promo Store Administrator will research and provide you with all available options. 


Q:  I see the standard production time for the product I want on the promo store, but I need this item sooner than the standard production lead-time?

A:  Many products qualify for RUSH production at No Charge or may incur an additional fee for this service. Please send an inquiry to info@schsstore.com or call 541-408-7991 for immediate help.


Q:  Can I purchase a single clothing item or cap for my personal use?  Does it come with embroidery or screen printed?

A:  Yes, you can buy single or multiple clothing items for personal use.  There are no minimum quantities for clothing or cap purchases.  The decoration method for your garments will be determined during the first contact from the Administrator and you will be provided all the details for your order before its placed. 


Q:  What if I need help in determining the correct size or clothing item for my needs?

A:  You can send an inquiry to the Promo Store Administrator and request help with these issues.  There are actual product samples that can be provided to you or your department to get the best fit and product for each Caregiver. 


Q:  Are there other product samples available besides clothing? 

A:  Yes, there is a large selection of products, bags, drinkware, tools, tech gadgets, beauty and health care, toys, kitchen, paper products and more.  Please send an inquiry to info@schsstore.com with details and your requirements.   


Q:  What if my product allows for full color or requires custom art?

A:  If you need full color or custom art for your project, please send an inquiry to info@schsstore.com with details and your art requirements. 


Q:  The product I want does not specify it offers a 2-color imprint option. What can I do?

A:  Send an inquiry to info@schsstore.com for help with 2-color imprint requests.  

*Please note that not all products allow for more than a single color imprint. 


Q:  Will my selection incur a set-up charge?

A:  Yes, if it is an item you have not ordered before a set-up charge will be added to the order.  


Q:  If I have ordered this item previously within the last 12 to 24 months, will I still be charged for a setup fee?

A:  Yes, if the product information lists a re-order charge this will be added to your order.


Q:  What if the item I am ordering does not show a set-up or re-order charge?

A:  If the item being purchased does not require a set-up or re-order charge then no fee will be assessed to your order.


Q:  Do I have to request a proof for my order?

A:  A proof is automatically required for all new purchases and some repeat orders depending upon the complexity of the art.  This will be included on your order confirmation – emailed to you once an order has been placed. 


Q:  Will I be charged for a proof on my order?

A:  Yes, if this is the first time you are ordering the item and it is listed in the product charges.  The proof charge can only be waived on repeat orders.


Q:  How will I receive my proof for review?

A:  You will receive an email with a virtual proof document attached for your review and approval.


Q:  What do I do with the proof document once I have reviewed it?

A:  After reviewing the proof document, send your email reply only to the email sender with your approval, approved with changes or not approved message along with any details pertaining to the order. 


Q:  If I receive an online link to view my proof, what should I do?

A:  You may receive an online link to view your proof.  Please click on the link and once you review the proof send an email reply with your approval, approved with changes or not approved message along with any details pertaining to your order to the email sender only.  


Q:  Should I email, fax or send the online approval directly to the supplier?

A:  No, please do not approve proofs online or contact the supplier directly to approve a proof.  This will allow the SCHS Promo Store administrators to keep accurate details of your order and effectively track the order process.


Q:  How do I know my order will be delivered on time?

A:  An order due date along with the event date (if provided) will be listed on your order confirmation.  Tracking and follow up emails will be sent to ensure you know when your order is anticipated and been deliver to receiving.


Q:  What if I need to ship something to a location other than the Bend Campus Receiving Dept?

A:  You can request special delivery instructions at the beginning of the order process.  Please add this into the Comment Box with your initial inquiry.   


Q:  Is the shipping costs included in the cost of goods shown on the SCHS Promo Store?

A:  No, shipping will be charged in addition to the cost of goods shown for products on the SCHS Promo Store. Ready In-Stock items are the only exception. 


Q:  How do I request the actual shipping cost?

A:  Please send an inquiry to info@schsstore.com with the current order # or send the item number and order quantity along with the actual date you need to have them at your location.  A shipping quote will be provided within 24 hours.  


Q:  How do I know what shipping method will be used for my order?

A:  Unless special circumstances exist that require expedited shipping to meet an in-hands date, all orders will be sent ground parcel delivery via FedEx on SCHS account.  If the factory does not use FedEx, the delivery will be shipped UPS. 


Q:  What other transit methods are available besides ground shipping?

A:  For expedited shipping the options are: 3 Day Select, 2 Day Air and Overnight.  Very large orders that qualify for common carrier transportation will be delivered via Common Carrier (Truck) to save money.  The correct delivery option for your order will be confirmed at the beginning of the order process and determined by the required in-hands date provided.